22 March - program

Thursday, 22 March       

9:30 – 11:20        PANEL SESSION III           

Political Theory II (Popper room)                              

Stanislas Richard (CEU)
Exploitation and the dirty hands of labour law    

Emil Vargovic (CEU)
Competitive Markets, Moral Development and Fairness

Viktor Ivankovic (CEU)
Neurointerventions, Nudges, and Transparency

Chair: Dragan Kuljanin (CEU)

Discussant: Merten Reglitz (University of Birmingham)


States and the politics of storytelling (Gellner room)

Leyla Safta-Zecheria (CEU)
Biopolitical storytelling: The humanitarian, the human rights and the experience based modality of sense making and the interventions they gave rise to

Andreea Nicutar (CEU)
The truth we tell about ourselves. Storytelling as justice in Israeli soldiers’ testimonies

Eda Sevinin (CEU)
Effecting and Embodying the Stories of “Loss”

Chair: Felipe G. Santos (CEU)

Discussant: Violetta Zentai (CEU)

11:20 – 11:40     coffee break (in front of Gellner room)  

11:40 – 12:50 PLEnary session (Popper room)

"Warfare and Welfare: The Impact of Mass War on Welfare State Development"

by Peter Starke (University of Southern Denmark | SDU)

discussant: Sergiu Delcea (CEU)

12:50 – 14:30     lunch break (in front of Gellner room)    

14:30 – 16:20     PANEL SESSION IV           

Political Economy II (Popper room)                         

Florian Wittmann (BIGSSS)
Pork-barreling going multi-level? The local allocation of regionally managed EU funds in non-federal states

Mario Munta (CEU)
Acting as a Jolly Joker or Increasing Democratic Legitimacy? Exploring the Role and Influence of European Semester Officers

Chair: Sergiu Delcea (CEU)

Discussant: Peter Starke (University of Southern Denmark|SDU)


Comparative Politics (Gellner room)

Nemanja Stankov (CEU)
Psychological Correlates of Ideological Preferences: The role of Resilience in Understanding Conservatism

Elizaveta Potapova (CEU)
Academic freedom in Russia: can universities be a democratic enclave?

Elena Cristina Mitrea (CEU)
Falling to the right? Expected intergenerational socioeconomic downward mobility and political attitudes

Chair: Dominik Brenner (CEU)

Discussant: Zsofia Papp (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

16:20 – 16:40     coffee break (in front of Gellner room)  

16:40 – 18:30     PANEL SESSION V            

Globalization and Migration (Popper room)

Dorottya Mendly (CUB)
Untying the Gordian Knot - A Critical Review of the Origins of Global Governance

Jakov Bojovic (CEU)
Assessing Supranational Leadership in the Refugee Crisis: The European Commission as a Policy Entrepreneur in Migration and Asylum Policy

Zsolt Kapelner (CEU)
Global inequality and territorial justice

Chair: Elettra Repetto (CEU)

Discussant: Nenad Dimitrijevic (CEU)


Radical parties and populism (GELLNER room)

Balint Mikola (CEU)
A Program Written by the Citizens? Agenda-setters and Veto Players in Drafting the 2018 Electoral Manifesto of the Five Star Movement

Ozan Utku Cam (CEU)
Democratization with the Moderation of Islamists or Democratization in Spite of Islamists? A Comparison of Regime Changes in Turkey and Tunisia

Gabor Filippov (CEU)
Reputational moderation of radical right parties – comparing the single-district candidates of Jobbik between 2010 and 2018

Chair: Levente Littvay (CEU)

Discussant: Rosario Aguilar (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE))

19:00     conference dinner for participants (at Urban Betyar)