#myCEU - Agnes Batory

"Most people, when asked what CEU means to them, will talk about experiencing diversity. Of course, this university is an extremely diverse community, but recently to me the similarities among CEU people have become more striking than the differences. We differ in life experience, age, gender, ethnicity and so many other things. But we also share a few basic values and attitudes that seem to matter more. Most students and colleagues seem to be driven not only by personal ambition but also by a sense of compassion towards others less fortunate than us; most people believe in the possibility of social change and that we can do something about it; and pretty much everyone shows respect towards others. This may not sound like much but in this day and age such attitudes seem less and less common around us. I’m deeply grateful to work in an environment where they are in evidence every day." 
Agnes Batory is director of the Mundus MAPP program and professor in the CEU School of Public Policy and a faculty member at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations.

 — with Agnes Batory at Central European University.