#MyCEU - Andres Moles


"I did all my studies at very large universities. One of the things that surprised me the most when I arrived at Central European University was its size. Classes are relatively small, thus there is no lecturing in front of a packed auditorium but rather all the interaction between students and instructors is done in seminars. I’ve been always terrified at speaking in front of large audiences, so CEU’s teaching model suited me best. Being a small community also facilitates horizontal interactions among all levels—and specially between faculty and students. These close interactions have not only helped me to become a better instructor and philosopher, but also—I hope—to convince some of my students that doing political philosophy is rather important and fun."

Andres Moles is director of the CEU PhD in Political Science School and associate professor in the CEU Philosophy Department and CEU Political Science Department.
Photo: Edit Kalman Photography