3rd POLEMO Symposium

May 18, 2021

This year the Political, Legal and Moral Philosophy Research Group (POLEMO) will have their 3rd symposium on June 16 and 17 online. See the programme here: 3rd POLEMO Symposium.

About the event:

April Media Roundup

May 5, 2021

During the month of April, faculty and students from the DSPS were present on the media. Here's the roundup:

Planetary Health Research Digest

The Lancet | April 9, 2021
Assistant Professor Florian Weiler (DPP)

The Annual Doctoral Conference Goes Virtual

April 13, 2021

The 16th Annual Doctoral Conference took place last week. Under the theme DIS/CONTINUITIES: POLITICS IN THE 21ST CENTURY, it reunited panelists from 24 universities and research institutions from 16 countries. 

During the three days of the conference there were 4 keynote speeches, 21 panels, a workshop with the editors of the Journal of International Relations and Development on demystifying journal publishing, and two mixers to network after the panels were done for the day.

February Media Roundup

March 5, 2021
During the month of February, our professors and one student were present in the media. Here's the roundup:

DSPS student Kirill Shamiev comments on recent events in Russia

February 5, 2021

DSPS student Kirill Shamiev (Public Policy track) recently contributed to Meduza, a leading independent Russian publication, commenting on the recent events in Russia. He is joined by other senior experts like Alexey Makarkin (first vice-president of the Center for Political Technologies), and Andrey Kortunov (Russian International Affairs Council director-general).