Papers - Graduate Network Conference 2016

The 2016 Graduate Networks Conference will feature more than 50 research papers presented by the PhD candidates of the participating institutions. 

Below you can find the authors and titles of the proposed papers, grouped into thematic panels. 

Social Movements

  • ALSAHI, Huda (SNS): 'Beyond Cyberpessimism and Cyberoptimism'
  • ANA, Alexandra (SNS): What place for capitalism within the feminist movement discourse?
  • KHELAIA, Nino (BGSS): Democratic Functions of Social Movements in the New Capitalist States: The Case of Georgia
  • SORG, Christoph (BGSS):  Contentious Agency.  Organization and framing practices against austerity in the transnational Blockupy network
  • SANTOS, Felipe Gonzalez (CEU):  "The Internationalization of Contention: Influence of European Youth NGO networks on the participation and recruitment strategies of Euromaidan"
  • STEFANOVSKI, Ivan (SNS): “Raised on Streets? The Impact of Social Movements on Policy Outcomes in Southeast Europe - The cases of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria"
  • UDREA, Titus (IHS): "Building Bridges? Organised Civil Society Networks and Their Role in Connecting the EU with Its Citizens" 

Formal Representation

  • COLLINI, Mattia (SNS): Left, Right and the Others in Central and Eastern Europe: Are They All the Same? Assessing Fragmentation, Volatility and Government Participation.
  • DUROVIC, Anja (Sciences Po): “Is there a gender generation gap in political action? A longitudinal analysis of gender and generational differences in political participation in France, Spain, and Sweden (1981-2008)”
  • GAVENDA, Mario (IHS): “Social Democracy in the European Crisis: Growing EU-scepticism or enthusiasm on the centre-left?”
  • LIPCEAN, Sergiu (EUI): “Assessing the Restrictiveness of Party Funding Regimes: Towards an Analytical Framework”
  • NEUBAUER, Christian (IHS): "How Party Conflict Affects Voter Attitudes over Time: Evidence from Germany"
  • SILVA, Bruno Castanho (CEU): “Trust the People? The Relation between Populism and Political Trust in 23 democracies.”


  • BENDER, Felix (CEU): "Who Should We Grant Asylum? A Conceptual History and Normative Argument for a Political Concept of Asylum and the Refugee"
  • EISNECKER, Philipp Simon (BGSS): ”The Determinants of Natives’ Intergroup Relationships – the Role of the Social Environment and Personal Attitudes towards Migrants from a Longitudinal Perspective”
  • MACZYNSKA, Ewa (CEU): “Whose violence? The discoursive construction of violence in the narrations on lesbian asylum seekers”
  • TURCULET, Georgiana (CEU): “The Least Discussed Migration Policies affecting Refugees. The Syrian Case” 

European Union

  • BURGIER, Camille (EUI): “The European Union: The Asset for China”
  • CARLOTTI, Benedetta (SNS): “Opposing to Europe from the inside? Patterns of Conflict inside of the European Union”
  • LUBOW, Alexis (EUI): "The Pragmatic Commission - Why Legislators Demand Interest Groups’ Inputs: Rational-choice Theory and Quantitative Analysis"
  • MARKOWITZ, Shane (CEU): “Sociotechnical International Relations at the site of the local: the creation of GMO-free Bavaria (and GMO-free Europe)”
  • REDEKER, Nils (UZH): "The Politics of Too Much - Current Account Surpluses in the Euro Crisis and Beyond"
  • ROSANO-GRANGE, Marlene (Sciences Po): "The International Explanation of the European Integration"
  • SCHULZ, Daniel (EUI): "Changing in the face of existential threats: The curious case of the European Central Bank"
  • SHEVTSOVA, Maryna (BGSS): “Fighting against ‘Gayropa’: “European values” legitimacy crisis in the Post-Soviet space (cases of Russia and Ukraine)” 

 Political Economy

  • AGLAMAZ, Fatma Sibel (UPF): “Full Time Employed Couple's Leisure Time Investment on Education and Culture: Effects of Occupational Prestigious Level and Motherhood Penalty”
  • HAJDINJAK, Sanja (CEU): “Bureaucratic veto points, natural resource use and rents in tourism dependent economies: Case study of Croatia and Montenegro”
  • MARKGRAF, Jonas (HSG): “The Political Economy of Public Banks: Electoral Effects of Savings Banks in German Subnational Elections.”
  • MARTINEZ-TRUJILLO Maria Teresa (Sciences Po): "‘Vigilantism’ or part of the business? The case of anti-kidnapping group of Mexican businessmen"
  • RAY, Ari (UZH): "Dealing with the Deficit - Distributional Conflict and The Politics of Adjustment in the Eurozone Periphery"
  • TUYTENS, Pieter (LSE): "Organising Private Social Protection - How to Explain Different Experiences with Collective Risk-Sharing in Denmark and The Netherlands?"

Political Theory

  • BESCONT, Amelie (Sciences Po): “A political understanding of female violence”
  • BIONDI, Charleyne (Sciences Po): "Foucault meets Snowden: Truth, Parrêsia and Care of the Self in Today’s Democracy"
  • GIL, Fernando (UPF): “Constitutional Courts, Power and Rationality Introductory Chapter”
  • MAFTEAN, Miles (CEU): “A New Paradigm Shift in Militant Democracy”
  • STEINMETZ-JENKINS Daniel (Sciences Po): "Inverse Marxism: Raymond Aron, Friedrich Hayek And the 1955 Congress for Cultural Freedom Conference in Milan”
  • TAVARES, Joao Paulo (UPF): “Olympic City: The Future as a Battlefield”


International Relations

  • DISKAYA, Ali (CEU): "Governing through Resistance: Israel’s Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity and the Media"
  • GRZEBIELUCH, Beata (CEU): "European Discourse on Early Post–Soviet Russia in a Historical Perspective - A Genealogical Approach"
  • KUTMANALIEV, Joldon (EUI): "Ethnic security dilemma at micro-(spatial) scale: intercommunal non-aggression pacts and preemptive violence in southern Kyrgyzstan from the perspectives of international relations (ethnic conflict) and security studies"
  • LESTRA, Martin (EUI): "Why do they sit on the fence? The Gulf emirates and international aid cooperation"
  • RESHETNIKOV, Anatoly (CEU): "Russia’s great power identity: What it actually means to be great."
  • TANKE, Sarah (Sciences Po): “The construction of ‘Asia’ in Japanese diplomatic discourse: the role of belief systems” 

Public Policy

  • DRISSI, Mounia (SNS): “Education and Social Security Policies: A Descriptive Analysis of Alignments Between Education and Welfare Policies”
  • HALASZ, Anita (CEU): Early childhood education: an equalizing policy under what conditions?
  • MESNEL, Blandine (Sciences Po): "When Red Tape Matters: A Study of Administrative Burdens and their Impact on the Relationship between French Farmers and Public Authorities"
  • MOISE, Alexandru (CEU): "Understanding Health Care Changes in Southern and Eastern Europe"
  • SAFTA-ZECHERIA, Leyla (CEU): "Careers, trajectories and the empowering potentials of deinstitutionalization for people labelled as mentally ill"