Alexander Akbik

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Political Science
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My research interest lies at the intersection of classical IR studies and International Political Sociology. Specifically, in my dissertation I study the recurrence of war in the post-Cold War era through a Modern Systems Theoretical approach. Based on a type of Qualitative Content Analysis, I study the war in Kosovo (1999), the Second Russo-Chechen War (1999-2009), the Second Liberian War (1999-2003), and the Second Congolese (Civil) War (1998-2003).

I additionally have expertise in Soft Governance studies in the field of (higher) education, broadly in the field of Political Science generally and Comparative Politics more specifically.

Undergraduate Courses
2011 (Spring Term) Student Assistant - 'Introduction to International Law', Jacobs University, Bremen.
2013 (Fall Term) Academic Convener and Tutor - ‘Introduction to International Relations’, Roma Access Programme, Central European University.

Graduate Courses
2013 (Fall Term) Teaching Assistant - 'South Korea and East Asia in International Relations', Korea Fundation, Central European University
2016 (Spring Term) Teaching Assistant - 'International Security Policymaking in Practice', School of Public Policy, Central European University


PhD, in Political Science, Public Policy Track (expected 2016). Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations, Central European University (CEU), Hungary.
MA, International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory (2011). Jacobs University and University of Bremen.
BA, in Political Science (2009). University of Bremen

Dissertation Topic