Caitlin Wyndham

Viet Nam
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Public Policy

Caitlin Wyndham is undertaking a PhD in Public Policy researching how social movements can influence policy processes in Vietnam. The research aims to increase understanding about the role of civil society groups, particularly grassroots voluntary groups, and their interactions with domestic governments and development practitioners. The aim is to contribute to improved development outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged groups in society, and contribute knowledge about the operations of social movements in non-democratic environments.

Caitlin is an Australian specialist in advocacy, policy and program design who has been living and working in South East Asia since 2001, primarily based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her work experience includes Project Manager for the Factory Improvement Program of the International Labor Organization in Geneva and a number of projects to integrate people with disabilities into mainstream employment and training services in Vietnam. Caitlin has also conducted a number of projects with the ILO in China and an evaluation of USAID disability activities in Cambodia. She has also conducted leadership and advocacy training for emerging groups of people with disabilities in Iraq, Vietnam and the Maldives.


Masters in International Development, Deakin University, Australia
Masters in Sociological Research, Manchester University, UK
Asia Pacific Leadership Program, East West Center, Honolulu, USA

Dissertation Topic