Jelena Belic

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Political Science
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I am a political philosopher with research interests in global justice; human rights, philosophy of law, philosophy of international relations. I recently obtained a PhD degree in political philosophy from Central European University (September 2018). Prior to doing PhD, my academic and professional development has been meandering through diverse subject areas. I hold BA degree in Political Science (University of Belgrade) and two MA degrees in Law (International Public Law/University of Belgrade and Human Rights Law/CEU), all with distinction. I have also spent a couple of years working as a full-time coordinator on civil society's programs concerning Serbia's the accession to the EU. So far, I have presented my work at several graduate conferences, and I was also researcher visitor at the School of Philosophy, Australian National University. Currently, I am a visiting lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest and also a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies, University in Rijeka.
In my doctoral research, I addressed the often neglected problem in the global justice debate – the problem of transitioning toward a more just global institutional arrangement. Global justice proponents mostly debate about which moral duties we owe to everyone as well as which institutional arrangement can enable us comply with the duties so construed, while often merely stipulating the duty to bring such arrangement into existence. In my thesis, I attempted to show that once we focus on the duty to create just institutions, the global justice accounts face serious theoretical difficulties. I attempted to identify the account of the duty able to avoid these theoretical problems and accordingly, make the case for global justice stronger. I developed a Humean account of international relations according to which conventions and practices that exist at a global level, most of which is international customary law, can play an important role in resolving coordination problems that arise among states.


PhD In Political Theory, Department of Political Science, Central European University
MA in Human Rights, Legal Studies Department, Central European University
MA in International Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
BA in Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade