Karla Koutkova

Czech Republic
Year of Enrollment: 
2010 to 2015
Departmental Affiliation: 
Public Policy
Job Market Availability: 

Karla is a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, IRES and Public Policy. Her research interests include politics of (in)formality, international state-building, (post)socialism and the use of ethnography in political/policy studies. She has extensive experience working in the area of Western Balkans (former Yugoslavia) as a lecturer, development professional and research specialist. Some of her previous affiliations include University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (where she taught a mandatory course on Public Policy), Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the United Nations Development Programme (where she worked as an international consultant in the areas of social vulnerability, inclusion and neighborhood democracy). Throughout her doctoral studies, Karla has been fortunate to win several grants and fellowships to support and enhance her research. These include the International Visegrad Fund Out-going Scholarship, Doctoral Research Support Grant at the Munk School of Global and International Affairs in Toronto, Canada, Research Fellowship at the Open Society Archives in Budapest, Hungary, and Visiting Fellowship at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, Austria. As of 2015, Karla is finishing her doctoral dissertation and fine-tuning her forthcoming publications in edited volumes on informality and postsocialism (Routledge) and contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina (Ashgate).