Renira Corinne Angeles

Year of Enrollment: 
2011 to 2017
Departmental Affiliation: 
Political Science
Job Market Availability: 

Renira is a PhD candidate in political economy. Her doctoral project examines the political causes and consequences of CEO Pay across advanced democracies. Renira was chair of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG) 2014/2015 academic year.

Thesis submitted 30. November 2017
Defense due: 11. May 2018

Research interests:
- comparative political economy
- government partisanship and economic policy making
- economic and political inequality
- democracy and capitalism
- quantitative research methods
- econometrics

Other research interests:
- political history of capitalism


“The Political Struggle about a Maximum Wage and Labour’s Role in Moderating Executive Compensation in Advanced Economies” (with Prof. Achim Kemmerling) (R&R, third round, Socio-Economic Review)

“The Global Diffusion of Inequality: US Multinationals as Exporters of the Winner-Take-All-Economy” (with Prof. Jonathan Hopkin, and Dr. Lukas Linsi) (Manuscript)

“From CEO Pay to Inequality in Political Contribution? ” (Manuscript)

“Shifts in Market Regulation, Social Democrats and Top Incomes in Sweden” (Manuscript)

"Do Top Incomes Affect Welfare State Generosity?" (Manuscript)


M.Sc. Political Economy, BI Norwegian Business School
B.Sc. Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
University of California, Berkeley

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