Thomas Peak

Year of Enrollment: 
2014 to 2018
Departmental Affiliation: 
International Relations
Political Science
Job Market Availability: 

Thomas Peak is a PhD Candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy & International Relations, Central European University. In his doctoral thesis, Thomas is asking how the concept of human dignity can counter sovereignty-based opposition to a humanitarian intervention doctrine by examining the 'Westphalian moment' through a particular 'dignity lens'. His broader research interests include human rights, history of ideas, responsibility to protect, sexual violence in civil war, and prevention of mass atrocities.

Alongside his research Thomas is a Junior Research Associate at the Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocity Prevention and the European Centre for Responsibility to Protect. He co-convenes the History of Political Thought Research Group at Central European University and has published essays on literature and history. Prior to undertaking doctoral research he graduated with Distinction from Oxford University with a Master of Studies degree in Modern British & European History


MSt, Modern British & European History, University of Oxford (Distinction)
BA, History, University of London (1st)

Dissertation Topic