Viktor Ivanković

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Political Science

I am a 6th year PhD candidate. I earned my first MA degree in Philosophy and English Language and Literature (thesis: "Direct Democracy: a defense", supervised by Elvio Baccarini) at the University of Rijeka, and my second in Nationalism Studies (thesis: "Liberal Multiculturalism and the Principle of Partiality", supervised by Szabolcs Pogonyi and Will Kymlicka) at Central European University. My dissertation work, titled "On the Normative Foundations of a Behaviorally-Enhanced Liberal Democracy", whether nudge policies, as well as other kinds of behavioral influences with varying forms and purposes, are permissible against the backdrop of democratic principles and institutions. My other interests are in distributive justice and democratic theory more broadly, as well as philosophy of medicine, and bioethics.


MA in Philosophy and English Language and Literature
MA in Nationalism Studies

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