Political Theory Track

Track description

The Political Theory track has affiliations with both the joint Doctoral Program in Political Science and with CEU’s Doctoral Program in Philosophy. The track thus aims to bring the Philosophy Department into closer cooperation with the Doctoral School in training doctoral students and also mentoring junior scholars. This cooperation expands the range of course offerings for PhD students with an interest in, on the one hand, moral and political philosophy, and, on the other hand, institutional political science, thus building up a critical mass of scholars working on topics related to political theory.

The Political Theory track is designed to attract scholars interested in normative questions that derive from moral philosophy, but which also refer to political institutions and practices, for example, how, and under what conditions, the claim of authority and the (monopoly over the) use of coercive force can be justified.

Core curriculum

Political Philosophy: 4 credits (Political Obligation, Theory of Justice)

Democratic Theory: 4 credits (Democracy and Constitutionalism, The Rationality of Democratic Politics, Preferences and Deliberation)

Institutional Political Theory: 4 credits (Constitutional Theory, Institutional Political Theory)

Advanced Topics: 2 credits (Applied Political Philosophy, Cosmopolitanism, Theory of Violent Conflicts)