Welcome to the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations!

The School offers a doctoral program in political science, which is accredited in the United States. The program has five areas of specialization (tracks): Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Political Theory, International Relations, and Public Policy.

Our students come from 36 different countries, ranging from Argentina to India. We have a students-faculty ratio of 3:1. Our faculty comes from more than 15 different countries, ranging from Mexico to South Korea. Some of our recurrent visiting professors have included Herbert Kitschelt, Friederich Kratochwil, Philippe Schmitter, Sidney Tarrow and Isabela Mares. Our academic records are visible in our placement in international rankings.


Friday May 07

Jacek Stachowski, Economic Consultant, Sumaiya Rahman (ECBS '15), Analyst
May 7, 2021

Tuesday May 11

Mariya Parodi (LEGS '13), Gabriela Manuli (SPP '12), Jakub Parusinski (POLS '09), Maja Petrusevska (IR '94)
May 11, 2021
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