Academic Calendar

On this page you can find the list of important events and deadlines for the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations in the Academic Year 2023-24. You can also download the calendar in pdf at the bottom of the page. For the full Academic Calendar of Central European University click here.

Important dates in AY 2023/2024


September 2-3, Sat-Sun      Doctoral students arrive in Vienna

September 4-8                      Orientation Week

September 4, Monday       10:30 PhD welcome orientation

September 11-15                  Zero Week

September 11, Monday     Registration for Fall Term begins (until Sept 25, Monday)

September 11, Monday       Opening ceremony in Vienna

September 18, Monday     Fall Term begins (until December 8, Friday)

September 18-Oct 4             Student Union elections in departments and schools

September 25, Monday       Registration for Fall Term ends

October 26, Thursday          No classes (Austrian National Holiday)

November 1, Wednesday    No classes (Holiday Austria)

December 8, Friday              No classes (Holiday Austria)

December 8, Friday            Fall Term ends

December 11, Monday      Registration for Winter Term begins (until Jan 15, Monday)



January 6, Saturday               No classes (Holiday Austria)

January 8, Monday              Winter Term begins (until March 31, Friday)

January 15, Monday              Registration for Winter Term ends

February 14, Wednesday     Deadline for choosing a permanent supervisor and submitting                                                                     the title/topic of the prospectus to the DS

March 25, Monday             Registration for Spring Term begins (until April 8, Monday)

March 29, Friday                 Winter Term ends

April 1, Monday                    No classes (Easter Monday Holiday Austria)

April 2, Tuesday                  Spring Term begins (until June 16, Friday)

April 8, Monday                    Registration for Spring Term ends

April 17-19, Wed-Fri           Annual Doctoral Conference 2024

April 17-May 15                    First-years' presentations in Departmental Seminars

May 1, Wednesday               No classes (Holiday Austria)

May 9, Thursday                   No classes (Holiday Austria)

May 20, Monday                   No classes (Holiday Austria)

May 21, Tuesday                 Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography submissions

May 30, Thursday                 No classes (Holiday Austria)

June 14, Friday                     Spring Term ends

June 11-19, Mon-Wed         Comprehensive Exams (TBC)

June 21, Friday                     COMMENCEMENT

August 31, Saturday           Academic Year ends

*calendar updated on February 13, 2024

Financial deadlines for Reaserch and Grants can be found here.

(for those enrolled in 21/22 and before)