9th Annual Doctoral Conference, 24-25 April 2014

9th Annual Doctoral Conference

24-25 April, 2014

The event is hosted by the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations at CEU

The deadline for submitting papers is 10 April.

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1051 Budapest, Nador u. 9.
Momument Building Room 203
Monument Building Gellner Room - 1st floor
Monument Building Popper room - 1st floor

Kossuth Museum Boat and „Vén Hajó” Restaurant
1052 Budapest, Vigadó Square dock, pier 2


DAY 1 (24 April, Thursday)

PANEL SESSION I - 9:00-10:30:

Comparative Politics - Ethnic Conflict

chair: Daniela Sirinic (CEU) discussant: Erin Jenne (CEU)

Sokol Lleshi (CEU) A reappraisal of transition in East Central Europe: towards the end of the post communist condition?

Artak Galyan (CEU) Political Institutions and Political Violence in Divided Societies: towards a Conjunctural Institutional Theory

Miriam Haenni (IRES exchange student) Analyzing the Policy Responsiveness towards ethnic minorities. Does the pres-presence of minority MPs really matter?

Natalia Andrea Peral (CEU) Riding the tide of post-war reconstruction in Bosnia: Jajce and Bugojno between 1995-2012


Public Policy - EU

chair: Lisa Wewerka (CEU) discussant: Uwe Puetter (CEU)

Olga Loblova (CEU) Diffusion of health technology assessment agencies in the European Union: coercion, learning or emulation?

Adina Maricut (CEU) Policy change in EU Justice and Home Affairs: drivers and mechanisms

Stefan Roch (CEU) Quo vadis Twinning? How can institutional changes through EU Twinning in the neighborhood be explained in the light of its inherent discrepancy?

Philiph Thaler (CEU) Continuity and diversity? The effects of the Council Trio Presidency on the EU’s energy agenda

Attila Kovacs (Corvinus University) Change in the legislative influence of the European Parliament by comparing the legislative power of the EP


PANEL SESSION II - 11:00-12:30

International Relations- Politics

chair: Jenna Althoff (CEU) discussant: Felix Ciuta (University College London)

Shane Markowitz (CEU) Unpacking the Politics of Translation: An Encounter between Actor-Network Theory and Symbolic Interactionism

Izabela Surwillo (CEU) Energy security and its logics: the case of Germany, Poland and Ukraine

Magdalena Tsankova (CEU) Cyber Security Or: How We Learned To Start Worrying And Fear The Internet

Anatoly Reshetnikov (CEU) Great Power Discourse as Russian Ideology: From the end of the Cold War till the present day.


Public Policy - Governance and Regulation

chair: Olga Loblova (CEU) discussant: Marie-Peirre Granger (CEU)

Vija Pakalkaite (CEU) Regulatory capture in the energy markets: place where shared and exclusive competences of the EU meet

Lisa Wewerka (CEU) Conflicting policy preferences and potential causes of priority setting within domestic anti-discrimination bodies in Europe

Eva Zemandl (CEU) Whose power of delegation?The dynamics of political delegation and professional-expert independenceon organizational performance and governance. A comparative case studyof accreditation in Hungary and Austria


Comparative Politics - Governance

chair: Martin Molder (CEU) discussant: Tamas Meszerics (CEU)

Schmidt Roland (CEU) Stuck in a Power-Sharing Moment and You Can’t Move out of It. Inquiring the negative long-term consequences of post-conflict power-sharing agreements on the quality of democracy

Andras Szalai (CEU) The Policy Influence of Expert Ideas: A Discursive Institutionalist Approach

Medet Tiulegenov (CEU) Vertical diffusion of human rights norms: contentious framing at the international and national levels in transition countries

Raluca Csernatoni (CEU) A European External Action Service (EEAS) without a Common Diplomatic Culture?



Political Theory - Theory

chair: Georgiana Turculet (CEU) discussant: Sune Laegaard (Roskilde University)

Georgina Turculet (CEU) Transnational Migration and National Borders

Jelena Belic (CEU) The morality of Apolitical

Miles Maftean CEU) The" dignity" in militant democracy: Its role as a background moral principle

Miklos Zala (CEU) Is “Conscience” the Appropriate Ground to Justify Religious Accommodation?"


International Relations - Discourse and Concepts

chair: Anatoly Reshetnikov (CEU) discussant: Xymena Kurowska (CEU)

Aron Tabor (CEU) Unique Roles in World Order: American and Chinese Exceptionalism

Viktor Friedmann (CEU) Maturity and Calculability: A Genealogy of Responsibility as Virtue

Andreea Nicutar (CEU) Resilient Bodies of Violence. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Contemporary War


Comparative Politics - Political Behavior and Attitudes

chair: Constantin Bosancianu (CEU) discussant: Gabor Toka (CEU)

Paul Weith (CEU) Political Knowledge Matters more than we think

Gergo Zavecz (CEU) The effect of tone of political messages on political behavior

Daniela Sirinic (CEU), Constantin Bosancianu (CEU) Young adult satisfaction with Democracy in changing Economics Environments

Hanna Kirvas (CEU) Exploring Hate Crimes Dynamics in the Russian Federation



Is political science practically relevant?

discussants: Sune Laegaard (RUC), Felix Ciuta (UCL), Achim Kemmerling (CEU)


DAY 2 (25 April, Friday)

PANEL SESSION IV - 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Political Economy - The causes and consequences of inequality and inequity

chair: Imre Gergely Szabo (CEU) discussant: David Rueda (Oxford)

Constantine Bosancianu, (CEU) Cleavage Revisited Income Inequality and the Influence of Value Orientations on the Vote

Bastian Becker (CEU) Inequality of opportunity and its societal relevance: A new take on social stratification in India

Sonja Avlijas (LSE) Low female LF participate in CEE

Anita Halász (CEU) Early childhood education institutional regimes and curricula


International Relations - Actors and Agency

chair: Magdalena Tsankova (CEU) discussant:Alexander Astrov (CEU)

Alexander Akbik (CEU) The End of War? A System Theory Explanation for the Decline of Inter-State War

Jenna Althoff (CEU) The Marketization of Migration Management

Manuel Mirenau (CEU) Vigilantism and Intentional Everyday Security acts: The Golden Dawn and the Demand for Security

Sasikumar Shanmugasundaram (CEU) Continuities and Change in Regional Grand Strategies of Rising Regional Powers: Brazil and India after the Cold War


Comparative Politics - Parties and Representations

chair: Gergo Zavecz (CEU) discussant: Enyedi Zsolt (CEU)

Martin Molder (CEU) Relative Political Coherence of Opposition and Coalition across Types of Parliamentalism

Bruno Castanho e Silva (CEU) Populist Contagion Revisited: The Use of Populist Discourse by Candidates to Chief Executive Office in Western Democracies

Silvia Neamtu (CEU) The Networked Phenomenon of State Capture: A Theoretical Framework of Political-Business Elite Networks in Hungary, 1986-2006

Daniel Mikecz (ELTE) Political participation of young immigrants from new EU member states


DAVID RUEDA TALK - 11:00-12:30 p.m.


PANEL SESSION V - 13:30-15:00 p.m.

Political Economy - What is a crisis and what are the consequences?

chair: Alexandru Moise (CEU) discussant: Dorothee Bohle (CEU)

Agnes Hidi (University of Debrecen) Could the crisis be beneficial?

Dragos Adascalitei, Stefan Domokos (Mannheim) What really is a pension crisis? A theoretical argument on the link between ageing, productivity, and retirement

Barry Colfer (Cambridge) Industrial Relations in the Crisis and the deconstruction of the European Social Model


PENAL SESSION VI - 15:30-17:00 p.m.

Political Economy - Business Regulation

chair: Emrah Karaoguz (CEU) discussant: Michael Dorsch (CEU)

Renira Angeles (CEU) Political institutions, corporate governance and top executive compensation; a comparative study of advanced capitalist economies

Matthew Maguire (BU/IWM) Private Business Regulation and Public Policy: A Network Approach

Silvana Tarlea (Oxford) Good Universities and Bad Multinationals? Multinational Companies and Collective Skill Formation in a Four-Country Comparison

Anna Burger (CEU) Extreme jobs in Europe and the United States: The end of the ‘9 to 5’ full time schedule. Trends since the 1970s. "




The Doctoral School for Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations invites all doctoral candidates to submit a paper proposal for the upcoming CEU Annual Doctoral Conference (April 24-25, 2014, at CEU Budapest). The Annual Doctoral Conference is a graduate students' conference at CEU and now in its 9th year. For further information on past events please go to our website http://pds.ceu.hu/annual-doctoral-conferences. The invited guest speakers for next year will include among others David Rueda (University of Oxford).

The submissions will be subjected to an evaluation by the organizing committee in partnership with professors affiliated with the Doctoral School. Papers will be selected for participation in the Annual Doctoral Conference on the basis of the quality of the proposals. Doctoral students from other universities are welcome to apply. CEU cannot provide reimbursement for travel costs, but the conference will be free of charge.

A typical proposal should not exceed 500 words, and should include the literature strand in which the research fits in, the main research question or puzzle, a brief presentation of the data and the methodology employed, as well as the key (preliminary) findings. It is important to note that we look for stand-alone research papers. These can, and in most cases should, be part of the thesis project, but the proposed papers should be clearly different from a chapter of the thesis manuscript or a prospectus. For students in the earlier stages of their career this will be an opportunity to train for a first contribution to a scientific conference. For students in later stages the paper proposed could be seen as a ‘job market’ paper, i.e. a paper a student would select to present if she or he is invited to a job talk.

In order to allow sufficient time for a thorough review process, we ask that proposals be sent no later than December 31st, 2013. Proposals should be sent to ds@ceu.hu, attached as either a Word or Acrobat document (.doc, .docx, .pdf).

For further information about the conference, please contact the ADC committee: Achim (Kemmerlinga@ceu.hu), Cristina (Balea_Elena-Cristina@ceu-budapest.edu), Georgiana (Turculet_Georgiana@ceu-budapest.edu), Imre (Szabo_Imre-Gergely@ceu-budapest.edu), Olga (Loblova_Olga@ceu-budapest.edu), and Shane (Markowitz_Shane@ceu-budapest.edu).