ADC 2016

11th CEU Annual Doctoral Conference

5 April 2016

CEU’s Annual Doctoral Conference (ADC) has been organized every year since 2006, providing opportunity to PhD students from CEU and partner institutions to present and discuss their research papers, test their ideas, while gaining valuable feedback from first class discussants.

The 2016 ADC  features a keynote lecture and seven conference panels in various topics. The confernce is open for the general public, but audience is kindly asked to register at Participation at the conference is mandatory for the Doctoral Candidates of  the Doctoral School.

The event is hosted by the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations at CEU.

Guest speakers

Anna LeanderAnna Leander, Professor with Special Responsibilites form the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, will deliver the ADC's keynote lecture in 2016. Professor Leander's research focuses on the role of business in international politics and especially on the role of private military and security companies. 


The title of her keynote lecture at the ADC is: 
Digital/Commercial Visibility: The Politics of DAESH Recruitment Videos
Click on the link to read the abstract of the lecture!

Jonathan Wolff, Professor of Philosophy, Dean of Faculty at the Department of Philosophy at University College London, United Kingdom, will be a distinguished guest of the ADC 2016. Professor Wolff will be the discussant of the Political Theory panel, where he comments on the research papers of PhD candidates from the Political Theory track.

Kerem Öktem, Professor of Southeast Europe and Modern Turkey at the Centre of Southeast European Studies, at the University of Graz, Austria, is also a distinguished guest of the ADC 2016. Professor Öktem will be the discussant of the Middle East panel, where he comments on the research papers ofPhD students from the International Relations track.


CEU Annual Doctoral Conference 2016Date and Time: The 2016 ADC is held on Tuesday, 5 April 2015.

Venue: Panel sessions and other events are held in four time slots, in three different rooms in CEU's Monument Building (1051 Budapest, Nador street 9). 

To view the detailed program schedule of the conference and the exact time slots of the panel sessions, please click on the picture!

The Annual Doctoral Conference is followed by another conference, the Graduate Network Conference, co-hosted by CEU and IHS, on 6-7-8 April. (For more information about the GradNet conference, click here).


Panel sessions of the ADC have three to four panelists (PhD candidates) and a discussant (a faculty member or invited professor).  Panels are 1,5 hours long, during which the panelists present their research papers, and discuss it with the panel's discussant and the audience.

The titles of the presented research papers are listed in this table. Please click on the picture to expand the table for the details of all panels!


conference papers

Abstracts of submitted conference papers are available on this website.
Click here to find the list of presented papers with their abstracts.
Click here to find the list of tabled papers with their abstracts. 

Full research papers presented or tabled at the conference will be available for registered participants and upon request. The papers will be uploaded to a document-sharing platform, where participants of the conference can read or download them. To request access to the full papers, please send an email to, and register to the conference as audience.


How to participate?

(1) Submission of proposals

Read our Call for Proposals!
Sumitting a proposal to the ADC is a mandatory program requirement for PhD candidates of the Doctoral Program of Political Science at CEU. The deadline for submitting proposals (abstracts) was:

Friday, 8 January 2016

(2) Evaluation of proposals

Abstracts submitted to CEU were evaluated by a selection committee. Admitted and rejected applicants both received a notification from the Doctoral School about the acceptance or rejection of their proposal.

  • Presenting: Applicants whose proposals were accepted for panels will present their papers on 5 April.
  • Tabling: Applicants whose proposals were not accepted for any panels are offered the opportunity to "table" their papers at the conference. Tabling means that their submitted papers are distributed on the conference website and in hard copy at the conference.

(3) Submission of research papers

PhD candidates who were accepted to one of the panels or for tabling a paper are required to submit their full paper to the Doctoral School by:

Monday, 21 March 2016

(4) Participating as Audience

The Annual Doctoral Conference is a public event, but members of the audience are kindly asked to register in advance at the following form: