Course categories

The Doctoral Program in Political Science offers four categories of courses to its students, some of which are elective, and some mandatory to all doctoral students or to the students of specific tracks.

These four categories of courses are all relevant for students in completing the curriculum:

  • Mandatory courses
  • Core courses
  • Advanced topics courses
  • Advanced methods courses

Mandatory courses

Mandatory courses have to be completed by all first-year PhD students of all tracks in their first academic year. These include the ‘Research Design’ course (2 credits), and the ‘Prospectus Seminar Workshop’ (2 credits).

Core courses

Each track of the Doctoral School has its own set of core courses, which constitute the core curriculum of the Doctoral Program. Students have to complete all core courses (10 credits) of their major track during the first academic year, prior to their comprehensive exams. 

Advanced topics

In addition to the core courses, each track offers courses labelled as "advanced topics". These elective courses can change in topic from year to year, and offer a wider variety of special topics for the students of the specific tracks. Students need to complete at least 2 credits of advanced topics courses from their chosen track in their first three years, in order to complete the course requirement of the program.

Advanced methods

Advanced methods courses are elective courses (2 credits each), similar to advanced topics courses, but without being linked to any specific track. These courses in the methods sequence are designed to develop the methodological skills of PhD candidates.