Doctoral Dissertations Defended in 2012


Ethics Management and Individual Views to Ethics in the European Commission

by Andreea Nastase

Dissertation Committee:

Agnes Batory (supervisor, CEU)
Uwe Puetter (CEU)
Michelle Cini (external member, Professor of European Politics, University of Bristol)
Marie-Pierre Granger (chair, CEU)

Date of defense: 5 October, 2012


Strategic Choices During System Change: Peak Level Unions and Their Struggles For Political Relevance In Post-Socialist Slovenia, Serbia and Poland

by Tibor Mesman

Dissertation Committee:

Dorothee Bohle (supervisor, CEU)
Bela Greskovits (CEU)
Miroslav Stanojevic (external member, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Thomas Fetzer (chair, CEU)

Date of defense: 21 June, 2012


Exploring the Link between Power Concentration and Ethnic Minorities’ Mobilization in Post Soviet Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine

by Stela Garaz

Dissertation Committee:

Zsolt Enyedi (supervisor, CEU)
Matteo Fumagalli (CEU)
Ishiyama, John (external member, University of North Texas)
Anton Pelinka (chair, CEU)

Date of defense: 12 June, 2012


“We are the people who do not count” - Thinking the disruption of the biopolitics of abandonment

by Anna Selmeczi

Dissertation Committee:

Michael Merlingen (supervisor, CEU)
Prem Kumar Rajaram (CEU)
Julian Reid (external member, Professor of International Relations at University of Lapland)
Alexander Astrov (chair, CEU)

Date of defense: 13 April, 2012


Cosmopolitanism and Exclusion - On the Limits Transnational Democracy in the Light of the Case of Roma

by Marton Rovid

Dissertation Committee:

Zoltan Miklosi (supervisor, CEU)
Janos Kis (CEU)
Ivan Szelenyi (external member, Dean of Social Sciences at New York University Abu Dhabi and William Graham Sumner Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Political Science at Yale University)
Zsolt Enyedi (chair, CEU)

Date of defense: 22 February, 2012