Funding Your Research

CEU and the Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office provide grants, awards and other opportunities during the academic year for enrolled PhD students to fund their research.

The Doctoral Research Support Grant Program (DRSG)

Is designed to help students enrolled in CEU doctoral programs wishing to spend time researching or studying at another recognized university, institute, or research center. Deadline is twice per academic year.

For eligibility, deadlines and application form, click here: Doctoral Research Support Grant. 

The Winter School Grant

Offered once a year for students who wish to attend a Winter School whose courses are necessary for their research and are not offered at a CEU Department.

To read more about eligibility, deadline and requirements, click here: Winter School Grant.

The Summer School Grant

Offered once a year to doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive exam. The Summer School should be of demonstrably high academic quality and fit the research topic of the attending student.

To read more about eligibility, deadline and requirements, click here: Summer School Grant.

The Research and Travel Grants

During the academic year there are several deadlines for grants to cover conference travel expenses, field and archival research, and short term research.

To read more about these grants, review the Student Travel and Research Grant Policy and access the application forms, click here: Research and Travel Grants.

The Student Awards

Each academic year, there are three awards that doctoral students are eligible for, depending on the stage of their studies: the Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students, the Award for Advanced Doctoral Students, and the Best Dissertation Awards.

For eligibility and deadlines, click here: Student Awards.

The Presidential Awards for PhD Students

Established by CEU Rector Michael Ignatieff and his wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar, these awards are intended to recognize the achievements of exceptional doctoral students enrolled in the second year of a PhD program.

For eligibility and deadlines, click here: Presidential Scholar Awards.

The Global Teaching Fellowship

CEU works with partner universities around the world to provide teaching experience via fellowships.

For more infomation on the fellowship, the list of partner universities, eligibility and deadlines, click here: The CEU Global Teaching Fellowship Program.

Internship Support Program (ISP) Fund

Competitive internship funds aimed at providing support to students who find internships that will allow them to gain relevant professional experience.

For more information on the fund, eligibility and deadline, click here: Internship Support Program (ISP) Fund | Career Services Office.

CEU Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021-2022

For upper year students who will defend their dissertation before September 2021, as well as for recent graduates, there is a joint postdoctoral fellowship: CEU and the Institute for Human Sciences (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, IWM) in Vienna supports recent CEU doctoral graduates who have received a doctoral degree from CEU not earlier than three years prior to application, who wish to conduct research as Postdoctoral Fellows at the IWM.

For eligibility and application information, click here: CEU-IWM Postdoctoral Fellowship | Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office.

Deadline: March 30, 2021

Open Access Publishing Agreements

The CEU Library supports open access through journal license agreements with publishers that include both reading access and waivers of article processing charges (APCs). 

To see which agreements are available and the process to publish open access, click here: Open Access Publishing for CEU Authors.