Ana Pandal de la Peza

Year of Enrollment: 
2022 to 2027
Departmental Affiliation: 
International Relations
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PhD student in Political Science International Relations track at Central European University in Vienna. Dissertation's working title: ¿Y sí yo lo encuentro qué? Colonial legacies and knowledge production in the field of security: Women looking for disappeared people in Mexico. Analysing the field of gender and security from a decolonial perspective.

Women, Peace and Security agenda; Feminist and decolonial perspectives on International Security and development; Knowledge production from the margins; Violence and security in Latin America; Theoretical concepts on VAWG ex. Feminicidal violence; The intersection between gender violence and capitalism.

-In 2017 I co-founded Org Genera A.C., NGO focused on dismantling female isolation through feminist support networks, based in Mexico. We deliver workshops, facilitate dialogue spaces and conduct research on the impacts of female isolation and how to eradicate it. We are specialists in collecting data through participative methods on social networks.
-Since 2016 I am part of an ongoing international research cluster funded by the National Science Foundation on the sociology of epidemics and knowledge production, where I have designed and conducted research and published academic articles on the subject (Mexico and UK hubs).
-Before re-joining the academic world, I was Head of International Affairs Monitoring at the National Women’s Institute in Mexico, where I was in charge of the linkage between grassroots peacebuilding and the 1325 SC Resolution. Promoted the development of the first Iberoamerican Women Mediators Network, and built an academic network on the Women, Peace, and Security agenda.

-Shrum, W., Aggrey, J., Campos, A., Pamplona da Costa, J., Joseph, J., Kreimer, P., Kroeger, R., Rodriguez Medina, L., Miller, P., Palackal, A., Pandal de la Peza, A., & Traore, A. (2020). Who’s afraid of Ebola? Epidemic fires and locative fears in the Information Age. Social Studies of Science, 50(5), 707–727.

-RODRIGUEZ MEDINA, Leandro; PANDAL DE LA PEZA, Ana y SHRUM, Wesley. Sobre la desconfianza en la ciencia y la política: el brote de zika en México, 2016-2018. Sociológica (Méx.) [online]. 2019, vol.34, n.96 [citado 2022-10-04], pp.205-238. Disponible en: < ISSN 2007-8358.


MA Gender, Violence, and Conflict - University of Sussex
BA International Relations - Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Diploma in Human Rights, Gender and Access to Justice - Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla
Diploma in Feminicide, Resilience and Peace - Instituto Nacional de Investigación e Innovación Social de Colombia.
Diploma Enfoque de género y participación de las mujeres en la construcción de paz - FLACSO Argentina

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