Bernadett Sebály

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Public Policy

Prior to CEU, Bernadett worked for 10 years to build strong community organizations, drawn to a vision of participatory civil society. She is the co-editor of the book titled "The Society of Power or the Power of Society? The Basics of Community Organizing," a compilation of studies of American academics. Her goal is to link the worlds of social movements and academia in a way that is fruitful for all.

Bernadett holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Miskolc, and in Public Policy from the Central European University (CEU). Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Public Policy in CEU's Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations. She was the winner of CEU's 1st-year PhD award for 2019/2020. Previously, she worked with Amnesty International and Minority Rights Group International, and helped design and build a community organizing program in Hungary with the Civil College Foundation. She is the co-founder of The City Is For All, a multi-class alliance of house poor, where she organized for housing rights.

She draws on this significant field experience in her research on the policy impact of social movements, in particular, the disability and the housing movements. She is currently conducting a social network analysis of the Hungarian housing movement between 1989-2020 in a broader comparative context. Her goal is to become a researcher who can provide answers for civil society organizations, social movements and donors working in an authoritarian environment.

Bernadett has 9 years of training experience and also received training in pedagogy. She is currently co-leading a participatory action research with The School of Public Life on to what extent civic organizations could use Covid-19 as a political opportunity.

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