Hong Do

Viet Nam
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Political Science

I am a (first-gen) PhD candidate in Political Theory with an interdisciplinary background.

Before coming to CEU, I completed my undergraduate degree in International Relations at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and a Master of Science in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at Hamburg University, Germany. During my time in Hamburg, with great supervision of Prof. Peter Niesen and various support from my close friends, I discovered my interest in normative theory, and I believe that this is the "theory" that I had been looking for.

My primary research interests are in the area of democratic theory, especially John Rawls's political theory, and its implications for non-liberal contexts. Additionally, I am also interested in the issues of Big Data ethics, climate justice, animal citizenship, and territorial disputes.

My dissertation project seeks to construct a participatory theory of global governance with (i) the Rawlsian ideal of Global Public Reason as the normative framework and (ii) the global deliberative innovations as the practical framework. The image that I have in mind, which is the primary motivation of my research, is to bring individual citizens from authoritarian and liberal countries to sit in the same room and deliberate with each other about the global problems that directly and profoundly affect their well-beings.

Currently, I am co-chairing a student-led research group in Political, Legal, and Moral Philosophy (POLEMO). For more information: https://politicalscience.ceu.edu/polemo

Twitter: @honggdo


May 2019: Presenter at the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) World Congress, Madrid- "Justice as Fairness: Towards Resolutions for the South China Sea and Mekong River Disputes"

May 2019: Discussant at the Democracy without Shortcuts Workshop, Hamburg- commenting on Prof. Cristina Lafont's (Northwestern University) manuscripts

November 2019: Presenter at the Graduate Conference in Political Science, Institut für Höhere Studien – Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna - "The Normativity of Authoritarian Deliberation"

May 2021: Presenter at the Postgraduate Conference in Legal and Political Theory, University of Hongkong (Online)- "Authoritarian Deliberation and Consultation Hierarchy: Evaluating Deliberative Innovations in Autocracies"

April 2022: Presenter at CEU 17th Annual Doctoral Conference, Vienna- "The Normative Standards of International Legitimacy: Towards A Participatory Theory of Global Climate Governance"


MSc. Politics, Economics and Philosophy, Hamburg University, Master thesis: “Consultation Hierarchy and Authoritarian Deliberation: Evaluating Deliberative Innovations in Autocracies”
BA. International Relations, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

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