Doctoral Conferences Offer Insight to CEU's PhD Research

May 2, 2016

Two high profile graduate conferences were hosted by CEU’s Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations in early April, featuring PhD candidates’ ongoing research projects at CEU and its partner institutions. The Doctoral School’s traditional Annual Doctoral Conference (ADC) was held on 5 April, followed by the three-day long Graduate Network Conference (GNC), where PhD students from eight leading European universities presented their work in various panels.

The Annual Doctoral Conference offered seven thematic panels with excellent guest discussants like UCL’s Jonathan Wolff and Uni Graz’s Kerem Öktem. Discussants of the other panels were CEU’s Xymena Kurowska, Carsten Schneider, Michael Dorsch, and Matthijs Bogaards.  The keynote lecture of the conference was delivered by Anna Leander (Copenhagen Business School), who talked about the politics of Daesh recruitment videos.

Later in the week, the international Graduate Network Conference (GNC) welcomed PhD candidates from the partner institutions of the European Graduate Network. The three-day conference, co-hosted by the Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna, listed eight thematic panels with close to 50 presented research papers. The keynote speaker, professor Kerem Öktem delivered a lecture about the academic freedom in Turkey, under the title: “Time of Monsters? Geographies of fear in Europe and its borderlands”.

The Annual Doctoral Conference has been organized at CEU every year since 2006, providing opportunity to PhD students from CEU and partner institutions to present and discuss their research papers, test their ideas, while gaining valuable feedback from first class discussants. The Graduate Network Conferences are organized by the various member institutions of the European Graduate Network since 2007, and was hosted in Budapest for the second time since the foundation of the network.