Student issues

Throughout their studies at CEU, PhD candidates might face issues that require the decision or the approval of the Doctoral Committee (DC). The Doctoral Committee is the governing body of the Doctoral School: the issues that require Doctoral Committee approval are defined in the School’s Doctoral Regulations.

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Requests to the Doctoral Committee typically include issues like changing one’s student status (temporary withdrawal, re-enrollment, and extension), change in one’s supervisors, or approval of certain courses, teaching experience, etc. The DC can also grant exceptions from certain program requirements: such possible exceptions are detailed in the Doctoral Regulations.

To obtain a Doctoral Committee approval, PhD candidates are asked to contact the DC in writing. When submitting a request to the Doctoral School, PhD candidates are asked to use a specific Request Form, in which they outline the details of their request. Supervisors are asked to send their support letter sent to the Doctoral School’s email address,

You can submit the request via this form: