Research Centers

The students and faculty members of the Doctoral School are involved in a number of Research Groups and Research Centers at CEU.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the research meetings organized by the School, in events organized by the Research Centers affiliated with the School, and in the voluntary student-faculty workshops organized by Research Groups. You can find information about CEU's institutionalized Research Centers below. 

CEU Democracy Institute

CEU’s Democracy Institute provides a new, academically ambitious and socially responsible platform for research and public engagement. The Institute’s six research areas address some of the biggest challenges to democracy in our world today, key themes to support and enable democracy to thrive:

  • Democracy in History
  • De-/Re-Democratization
  • Environment and Democracy
  • Inequalities
  • Media and Technology 
  • Rule of Law

CEU's Democracy Institute also incorporates the Center for Policy Studies and the Center for Media, Data and Society (the leading center of research on media, communication, and information policy in Central and Eastern Europe).

LocationNador u. 13, Budapest, Hungary 1051



Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education

The Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education at Central European University, named after the third President and Rector of the University, is a collaborative academic initiative promoting applied policy research and professional training in higher education. The Center builds on more than two decades of experience at CEU in promoting policy research in higher education, as well as policy advising and professional development programs for governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and higher education institutions from countries on all continents. The Center also builds on the long history of cooperation between CEU and the Higher Education Support Program (HESP) of the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The Center is committed to pursuing the overall open society mission of CEU through activities in the area of higher education policy. The Center places a particular focus on applied studies and practical initiatives regarding the relationship between higher education policies and practices, and issues of democratic development.

Location: Quellenstrasse 51, room C424 and C425, Vienna