#DSPS - Gorana Misic

January 23, 2019
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"If somebody told me some 6 years ago that I will have a PhD and a job at a university – I would have probably said – nonsense. As a policy practitioner at that time, I didn’t see myself studying and engaging with theory again, let alone teaching at a university. 
The PhD in Public Policy was in many ways a transformative experience - not only intellectually and academically in my development as a researcher and teacher, but also personally. What I appreciated the most was the great mentoring support throughout the program, and a sense of community. I had an amazing supervisor and supervisory panel: always available to discuss my half-developed ideas and prompt in offering insightful feedback and advice. Exchanging ideas with the PhD community and colleagues, discussing our work in progress, and learning from each other – informally in the PhD labs, or through various research groups and departmental seminars, created a much-needed motivating and collaborative learning environment. 
The program includes a teaching component, which I found not only helpful for practicing teaching skills but also enjoyable: CEU MA students are a great community to teach. Moreover, CEU offers teaching courses and advice to support our development as future academic professionals and successful teachers. In 2013 when I started the program I knew something about research and nothing about teaching – today I teach others how to design student-centered, inquiry-based sessions and courses. CEU remains a unique environment where I combine my public policy research and passion for teaching: continuing to work on my research on corruption and regulations, while teaching and exploring best teaching practices focused on design for learning.

Gorana Mišić, alumna, P.h.D. in Public Policy (2018), currently she is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the CEU Center for Teaching and Learning

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