#DSPS - Zbigniew Truchlewski

January 23, 2019

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"The CEU PhD Programme offered me opportunities I may not have found anywhere else in Europe and the US. For starters, CEU offered a very intensive and exciting training in political economy and methods. The faculty is first rate and extremely supportive. I had a formidable cohort of fellow researchers who became friends for life. Then CEU gave me opportunities to go abroad to test my arguments in other prestigious universities: I spent a year at Cornell University, six months at the London School of Economics and a term at the European University Institute. I also benefited from Doctoral Conferences organized with other outstanding European universities where I constructed my own scholarly network. Thanks to all these, CEU is a terrific launchpad for a career in academia on both sides of the Atlantic. I am immensely thankful to CEU for all this and so much more".

Zbigniew Truchlewski, PhD in political economy (2016), currently a Swiss Government Excellence postdoctoral scholar at the University of Geneva and a former Max Weber Fellow at the EUI.