September 13, 2019


20-21 September 2019

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Location: Gellner room, Budapest, Nádor u. 9, 1051

Day 1 (20 September)
9.00–9.30 Arrival and Welcome
9.30–11.00 Keynote address: Knowing My Place - Sarah Fine (King's College London)
11.00–11.30 Break
11.30–12.15 Immigration Ethics, Compatriot Partiality and Associative Duties - Elaine Lok-Lam Yim (The University of Hong Kong)
12.15–13.00 The problem of Indeterminacy and Refugee Protection - Georgiana Turculet (University of Copenhagen)
13.00–14.00 Lunch break
14.00–14.45 Socially Constructed Luck - Nicola Mulkeen (University of Manchester)
14.45–15.30 Injustice, Excuse and Laundry - Rowan Mellor (University College London)
15.30–16.00 Break
16.00–16.45 Should We Judge Public Officials Morally? - Viktor Ivanković (Central European University)
16.45–17.30 Punching Down: A Matter of Morals, not Humour - Dr. Marius Baumann (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)

Day 2 (21 September)
9.30–10.15 A case for the asymmetric enforceability of surrogacy contracts - Maria-Jose Pietrini-Sanchez (The University of Sheffield)
10.15–11.00 A Defense of the Narrow Conception of Deliberation - Toni Milevoj (Central European University)
11.00–11.30 Break
11.30–12.15 Should Infringers Pay Compensation? - Lisa Hecht (Stockholm University)
12.15–13.00 Risk and Blameworthiness by Degree - Adriana Placani (University of Graz)
13.00–14.00 Lunch break
14.00–14.45 A Civic Argument for Epistemic Constraints on Voting - Michele Giavazzi (University of Warwick)
14.45–15.15 Autonomy and the value of democracy- Zsolt Kapelner (Central European University)

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