#DSPS - Krisztina Szabo

January 20, 2020

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"Ph.D. in Political Economy at CEU enables me, first and foremost, to develop a detailed knowledge of my specific field of interest by giving training in a broad variety of academic skills, engagement through seminars with scholars and practitioners working in a wide variety of fields and opportunities to be involved in lecturing and teaching.
I specially appreciate the flexibility and the multidisciplinary nature of our programme which provided me an opportunity to immerse myself in my chosen area, pursue my own ideas, take a wide range of courses and learn from world-class people. The programme design allowed me to combine coursework from different departments and schools for a truly interdisciplinary program of study that is perfectly tailored to my research interests.
I am also very lucky to have a Ph.D. supervisor whose mentorship transformed my whole academic experience and whose guidance keeps my researches grounded. Working with her and with many other leading experts inspires and supports me throughout my time at CEU. It is great to be involved in the intellectual life of the department and the wider academic community."
Krisztina Szabo (Doctoral Candidate in Political Science, Political Economy track)