#myCEU - Carsten Q. Schneider

January 20, 2020


"Hearing from our former political science students about their time here at CEU is always a pleasure. Clearly both the department and CEU itself become something really close to them, and I'm heartened that they frequently report how well-prepared for life they feel after CEU. Beyond that, CEU seemingly becomes a kind of attitude towards life: openness, ambition, fairness, curiosity, professionalism, helping each other out, working hard and celebrating even harder, trying to understand the world in order to make it a better place, not just tolerating but embracing diversity, debating passionately and respecting others – the list could go on. This is what the Department of Political Science and the university as a whole stand for. This is what you get if you join CEU.”

Carsten Q. Schneider is Professor in the CEU Political Science Department 

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