Outstanding Dissertation Award 2022

June 24, 2022

The recipient of this year's DSPS Outstanding Dissertation Award is Andreea Nicutar. The award is a recognition to dissertations that stand out because of their originality and academic rigor.

Andreea's dissertation "Witnessing Body and States of Terror" raises a question, challenging both practically and theoretically: How is it possible to bear witness to terror while being in a state of terror? And further, perhaps even more challenging: How are the perpetrators of violence terrorised themselves by that very regime they are called to protect? And how they bear witness to terror which they inflict and from which they suffer. "I killed for you; now look what has become of me!" This challenge from a traumatised Israeli soldier addressed to his legislators is a starting point of a thorough investigation that never shuns complex theoretical questions and yet never allows these questions to obfuscate the emotion and the pain of the original challenge.


Andreea Nicutar outstanding dissertation award

Andreea's dissertation is available at the CEU library: Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) (ceu.edu).