Andrea Krizsan

Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51

Andrea Krizsan is Lead Researcher for the Inequalities and Democracy Working Group and Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute and Professor at the Department of Public Policy and the Gender Studies Department. She is interested in understanding inequalities and social justice related policy change in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. She works on different equality policy fields including gender equality policy, policies on gender based violence, policies addressing ethnic inequalities and intersectionality. Her current research analyzes the politics of policy backsliding in times of democratic erosion and forms of civil resistance to such reversal. Her  most recent book with Conny Roggeband is on opposition to the Istanbul Convention and its consequences (Palgrave 2021). She co-edited with Abels, MacRae and van den Vleuten the Routledge Handbook on Politics and Gender (2021). She is the recepient in 2020 of the inaugural Emma Goldman Award for her substantial contributions to the study of feminist and inequality issues in Europe. Her previous publications include a book with Roggeband on domestic violence policy reforms in five Central and Eastern European countries (Routledge, 2018), articles in Global Policy, Politics and Governance, European Journal of Politics and Gender, Violence against Women, Journal of International and Comparative Social PolicyEthnic and Racial Studies, Social Politics, and Journal for Ethnic and Minority Studies and chapters in several edited volumes. She edited volumes on gendering democratic backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe (2019), with Roggeband; on women's movements mobilizing for policy change in the region (2015); on institutionalizing intersectionality and the changing nature of European equality regimes (with J. Squires and H. Skjeie, 2012) and on ethnic monitoring and data collection (2001).  

Andrea has a PhD in Political Science from the Central European University. 


PhD in Political Science, Central European University
MA in Political Science, Central European University
MA in Sociology, Eotvos Lorand University

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