Andrew Cartwright

Associate Professor
Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51
+36 1 327-3000 x2397

Andrew Cartwright is an Associate Professor at the Department of Public Policy. He was a Director at the Center for Policy Studies at CEU in Budapest and is currently a Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute.

He received his PhD in Law from the University of Warwick (2001) and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle.   He worked as a researcher at the Charity Law Unit and the Center for Central and East European Studies at the University of Liverpool.   His research focuses on rural development and the relationship between demography and property in the former socialist countries.  He is the author of The Return of the Peasant: Implementing Land Reform in Post-Communist Romania and, with Agnes Batory and Diane Stone, editor of Policy Experiments, Failures and Innovations: Beyond Accession in Central and Eastern Europe

Andrew is a board member of the UN FAO LANDNET, where he leads the working group on policies related to abandoned farmland. He is an editor of the journal Rural and Regional Development.

At the DPP, Andrew developed the Policy Lab program, an applied research course which offers student groups the chance to develop policy projects with partners such as the OSF, UN FAO, World Bank, Habitat for Humanity and the IFRC as well as NGOS, think tanks and research institutes from Austria and Hungary.  Since 2021, with partners from the American University of Central Asia and the Geneva Graduate Institute, he has led an OSUN funded program to develop an on-line curriculum and faculty handbook for Policy Labs. 


PhD (Law) University of Warwick
LLM Law in Development, University of Warwick
LLB Law University of Warwick

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