Antonio Salvador M. Alcazar III

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Political Science

I am a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at Central European University and a Visiting Research Fellow at Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. My work attempts to critique the European Union’s entanglements as a trade power in world politics. Drawing on interpretive policy analysis, my PhD project recasts the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences as a transnational site of intervention and interrogates how elite trade policy discourses in Brussels reify hierarchical relations of power with countries technocratically categorised as less/least developed. More broadly, my academic interests are preoccupied with interpretivism, the problem of Eurocentrism in European Studies, post-development, Philippine foreign affairs, ASEAN–EU relations, and decolonial thought and praxis. My most recent writing has been published in Politics and Governance, and I am currently contributing to a special issue on 'Disrupting European Studies' by the Journal of Contemporary European Research and to an edited volume on 'The EU in a globalised world' by Routledge.

As a UACES scholar, my elite interviewing and archival research in Brussels has been awarded a postgraduate bursary for 'doing essential fieldwork' in European Studies. In 2021, I was one of the recipients of the CEU Presidential Scholar Awards 'for exceptional Master’s and Doctoral students whose research shows promise for the next generation'.

At CEU, I served as teaching assistant for courses on the EU's Role in Global Governance (spring 2021) and Comparative Case Study Research (autumn 2020). I also contributed to an OSUN-funded project on 'Decolonising the Curriculum' (spring/summer 2022) and a Horizon 2020 project on 'Realising Europe’s Soft Power in External Cooperation and Trade' (winter 2020).

Extracurricularly, I volunteered to co-organise, and internationalise as much as possible, the 16th CEU Annual Doctoral Conference for PhD and early career researchers in political science. I have also co-founded South/South Movement, an independent transnational student outfit invested in centring research(ers) in social and political studies from and for the global souths.

Outside academia, I spent six years as EU outreach consultant for the European Commission's Support to European Business in Southeast Asian Markets (SEBSEAM) programme and as research and advocacy officer at the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines in Manila.


MA in International Relations, Central European University, Hungary (2016, magna cum laude)
BA in International Studies, major in European Studies, De La Salle University, the Philippines (2012, magna cum laude)

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