Nick Sitter

Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51
(+43) 1 25230 7111 ext. 3130

Nick Sitter is Professor of Public Policy at the CEU, Professor of Political Economy at the BI Norwegian Business School, and a Research Associate at the LSE Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation. Nick holds a PhD, MSc and BSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research interests include

- EU public policy and management (the Single European Market, the European Economic Area, the EU regulatory state, ),

- Energy policy (oil and gas markets, EU regulation, the IPE of energy),

- Political parties and party systems (Euroscepticism, democratization, populism), and 

- Security (terrorism, security leadership, nationalism, civil war).

Books and journal special issues include Energy Union: Europe's New Liberal Mercantilism (co-edited with Andreas Goldthau and Svein S. Andersen) Palgrave 2017), Terrorismens Historie: Attentat og Terrorbekjempelse fra Bakunin til IS (Dreyer 2017), A Liberal Actor in A Realist World: The EU Regulatory State and the Global Political Economy of Energy (with Andreas Goldthau, Oxford University Press 2015), an edition of Nations and Nationalism on Constitutionalism in Europe (co-edited with Bill Kissane, 2010), Understanding Public Management (with Kjell A. Eliassen, Sage 2008), and  Europe’s Nascent State: Public Policy in the EU (co-edited with Johan From, Gyldendal 2006). His articles have appeared in a range of journals, including Party Politics, West European Politics, East European Politics, Scandinavian Political Studies, Journal of Common Market Studies, European Journal of Public Policy, Journal of European Integration, Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence, Nations and Nationalism, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Review of International Political Economy, Global Policy, and Political Studies. For a list of publications see


PhD, London School of Economics and Political Science
MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science
BSc (econ), London School of Economics and Political Science

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